Dave Halabuk 

Principal & Partner

I am Dave Halabuk, Principal, and Partner at MARKETINGbuks, LLC, a Las Vegas-based Marketing Agency that prides itself in providing services that can achieve your marketing objectives, help you grow your business and meet your annual financial goals. 

For thirty years, I have held senior executive positions in the gaming and hospitality industry where I gained extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, operations, sales, advertising, brand strategy, and technology.   My hands-on experience of creating, implementing and analyzing marketing campaigns for casinos, provides the vision and skills needed to efficiently develop a marketing strategy that will build your brand, increase customer loyalty, and foster new customer growth.


I created MARKETINGbuks, a boutique marketing agency that is smaller, more flexible, more personalized and more cost-effective than the “big agencies” that offer similar services.


At MARKETINGbuks, we prefer to make it all about our clients.  Our commitment is to help our clients develop targeted marketing initiatives, advance their business and achieve their goals, year after year. 


If you operate a business in the gaming and hospitality industry, own a small to medium-sized business, or are planning a start-up venture, my team of business associates and I are ready and eager to serve you.   We can help take your business to the next level at a reasonable cost.  I welcome an opportunity to discuss how MARKETINGbuks can increase marketing productivity for you. 

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